Sponsorship Programme

Sponsorship of the 11th ECPLF conference provides an excellent opportunity to promote your company or organisation. The conference is aiming for at least 300 attendees: scientists from different universities and research centers, industry representatives, farmers and policy makers. By organizing additional events for farmers and veterinarians (workshops, day of open house) ECPLF will provide an opportunity to exchange knowledge between scientists, veterinarians, farmers and companies.

Why should you sponsor the event?

“Benefit from unique networking options with experts normally from over 30 countries”

“Discover the added value of scientitic research and development for your company”

“Access to deliver your message to European and international decision makers”

“Opportunities to showcase your knowledge, products and services to potential partners or customers”

“Present your latest developments to farmers, veterinarians, advisors and other stakeholders”

“Take advantage of the press interest”

3 different levels of

sponsorship opportunities

We offer 3 different levels of sponsorship opportunities. You can decide which sponsorship fits your needs and budget according to your interest and size of your company. A special package for SME’s is available. Please see the desciptions below for specific details of each sponsor package.

* Less than 26 employees and no big company as stakeholder.


to be a conference sponsor

Send an e-mail to and with following details:

  • Company name
  • Contact person
  • E-mail address
  • Telephone
  • Sponsorship type (Gold, Silver, Bronce)
  • Website