Farm tour

Thursday 12th September, 2024

Visit to the dairy farm of Albalat (Carpi, Italy)

The dairy farm, with its approximately 1,000 milking cows, is the flagship farm of Albalat, an excellence in the Italian panorama and part of the Granterre group, which in terms of size and level of innovation is at the top of the sector at a national and international level.

The farm produces milk for the production of Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, and stands out for its total integration of the production chain: from forage production, to rearing, to cheesemaking, up to the cheese ready for retail distribution.

Equipped with devices and sensors with state of the art technology for real-time monitoring of individual animals, a latest generation milking parlor among the first to be implemented in Italy, all the most modern environmental control systems to maximize the animal welfare, the company uses a cutting-edge precision feeding system that integrates all the production, activity, behavior and health data recorded on the farm to optimize the ration in a dynamic way, allowing an increase in sustainability, also thanks to a digital tracking of all health operations and information, through an in-house veterinary service constantly present on the farm and totally integrated in the farm management.

Program of the farm visit

Bus departure from Bologna pick up point at 8.30 am.

Arrival at the dairy farm and general presentation of the farm.

Guided tour in groups to the various visit stations: lactation, calves, data management, feeding

Lunch break at the farm.

Guided tour to the innovative milking parlor.

Conclusion of the visit and return to Bologna at 5 pm.